Vape Pen Atomizer Tank

Vape Pen Atomizer Tank

What is a Vaporizer Pen Atomizer tank?

What Parts go into a Vape Pen Atomizer Tank?

There are three main parts to most models of vape pens: the battery, the atomizer, and the cartridge. The battery of a vape pen is obviously the part that gets re-charged. It has a button that you push when you want to take a puff, and it creates an electrical impulse that heats the atomizer coil, which in turn vaporizes the liquid. The cartridge is the part that holds the vaporizer liquid. Sometimes the tank and the atomizer are separate, sometimes they are all in one piece. The newer and more common ones are typically all in one piece. Sometimes vaporizer cartridges or atomizer tanks are re-fillable and sometimes they use disposable cartridges, depending on your preference and which model of vape pen you choose to buy.

What Types of Atomizer Tanks can I Choose from?

The atomizer tank is really the heart of the vape pen, as this is the part that turns the eliquid into vapor and gives you that wonderful flavorful puff. Using one of a few different methods, the atomizer tank takes the liquid from the cartridge, puts it on the atomizer coil, and creates flavored water vapor which you inhale. There are several different kinds of atomizer tanks from which you can choose. The most popular one uses a wick to draw the liquid from the cartridge to the atomizer coil. This kind is very convenient, especially if you want a low-maintenance vaping experience. Another kind of atomizer tank drips liquid directly onto the atomizer coil, and this is very popular with people who like to change flavors very frequently. You only get a few puffs with this sort before you need to drip more liquid into your vape pen, but it makes for a very customizable experience.