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Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank

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The Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank is a super strength, top coil, long wick model with 510 threading and a replaceable atomizer head. This is a vape pen clearomizer for people who know what great vapor tastes like and who aren’t afraid to insist on the best.

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Product Description

Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank

Vivi Nova 3.5 ML Clearomizer Tank

The Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank is a super strength, top coil, long wick model with 510 threading and a replaceable atomizer head. This is a vape pen clearomizer for people who know what great vapor tastes like and who aren’t afraid to insist on the best. With the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank, you will get the following amazing features:

  • 3.5 mL capacity
  • Top coil design
  • Long wick
  • Bottom fill
  • Removable drip tip
  • Replaceable atomizer coil
  • 2.4 ohm atomizer head

3.5 mL capacity

The Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank holds 3.5 mL of e juice. This is enough to not be considered a mini tank, but not enough to really count as a huge tank. Like Goldilocks’ preference, this tank is just in the middle, and just right. 3.5 mL is enough e juice to keep you vaping all day long, for as long as you need to without having to refill while you are out and about. At the same time, it is not so much e juice that you will get tired of having the same flavor before you use it up and have to refill. Having to drain e juice to be able to switch flavors seems like such a waste, and there’s no reason to waste perfectly good e juice when the solution is as simple as getting a smaller tank such as the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank.

Top coil design that fills from the bottom

The most unique feature of the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank is that it is a top coil design which fills from the bottom. Usually it is the opposite. Usually, top coil clearomizers fill from the top, and the bottom is a closed side that attaches directly to the battery. Usually, clearomizers that fill from the bottom are bottom coil clearomizers, and you turn them upside down, pour e juice into the tank while being careful not to get any in the center shaft which is for the air flow, and replace the atomizer head while the clearomizer is still in an upside down position. Bottom fill clearomizers are typically thought to be easier to manage than top fill models.

With the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank, you turn the pen upside down to put e juice in it, just like with any bottom coil clearomizer. The difference is that the coil is, in fact, up towards the top of the tank. When you are attaching the atomizer head to the tank, you will simply place the atomizer head through the air vent shaft. Screw on the atomizer head, and you are ready to go!

The coil that comes with the clearomizer is a 2.4 ohm coil. This is significantly better than the other mass-produced coils that come with ready to vape clearomizers. If you are a rebuilder, you can also rebuild the coil for the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank, though the “fill from the bottom, vape from the top” design is unique among vape pens.

Long wick

With top coil models, the biggest design priority is to make sure the e juice can get to the coil. What is needed is a long enough wick to make sure that there is sufficient capillary action to pull the e juice up to the coils where it can be turned into water vapor. The long wicks of the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank are long enough to get a decent about of vapor, even if the e juice level is getting a little low. Watch out and make sure that the tank does not get completely out of e juice, because then you will be getting some dry spots and burned flavor very quickly.

Removable drip tip

The drip tip mouthpiece of the Vivi Nova Clearomizer Tank is removable. This means that you can clean it thoroughly, but more importantly you can replace it with a drip tip of your own choosing. This is especially important considering that the Vivi Nova Clearomizer has kind of an industrial aesthetic and does not have a lot of different colors to choose from. You can still make the Vivi Nova your fashion accessory of choice with the removable and customizable drip tip. Try it out today and see how it feels to put your own style on your own vape pen!

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