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Sir Lancelot Mod

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RBA NOT INCLUDED. This beautiful mod features a gorgeous, durable white color over a copper body. The logo of the vape pen is included on the side of the body, along with decorations. Basically, if you are wanting to look impressive or classy, this is the mod for you!


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Product Description

Sir Lancelot Vape Mod Clone

Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod Clone

For everyone who has ever dreamed of being a white knight, or being rescued by a white knight, this vape mod is for you. The Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod has the following features for the serious vape pen users:

  • Copper with white finishing

The look of the vape pen is almost as important as the functionality of the vape pen, when it comes to shopping for accessories and extra pieces. In the case of the Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod, the beauty that the mod itself has can make or break someone’s experience with vaping. Therefore it is essential that you find a vape pen mod whose appearance inspires you, because you are going to be picking this thing up, holding it, looking at it, and using it probably every day. The white background with the copper details looks especially beautiful and suits many people’s vaping aesthetics.

  • Interchangeable battery tubes: You can change out your battery tubes to use the size of battery you want. The Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod is compatible with:
  • The 18350 battery
  • The 18490 battery
  • The 18650 battery

The interchangeable battery tubes let you choose exactly how large of a battery you wish to use with your mechanical vape mod. This is a matter of aesthetics just as much as it is of functionality. Make your vaping experience really your own with the Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod!

  • Adjustable and floating pins: The positive pin is adjustable and the center pin is floating on the Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod. This gives you the freedom to use any atomizer on this mod, as long as the atomizer is sized for a 510 mod.
  • Reverse threaded lock ring: Mechanical vape mods have a certain amount of danger inherent in them. For example, you could put your vape pen down on a table and have it accidentally fire. Because of the amount of electricity going through a vape pen when it fires, you want to only have it fire when you want it to fire, and when you are there to make sure that nothing goes wrong. As with anything else, when something gets extremely hot and has large amounts of electricity going through it, it is easy for there to be damage or even injury. The reverse threaded lock ring means that the Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod will not accidentally fire when you do not want it to. Just twist the lock ring and you will have total protection against accidental misfires.
  • Spring loaded switch: The switch action is governed by a spring, rather than by a magnet, as many other vape pens are. Magnets produce a unique feeling to vaping that many users love. However, magnets on switches can wear out after a while. A spring loaded switch will stay good for much longer and after all has very nearly the same user experience.
  • Real mechanical mod: The Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod is a true mechanical mod, which means that it does not have any circuitry to govern the way the battery discharges electricity. Therefore you must know how to assemble and build your vape pen, as well as the meanings of the technical specs on each part, to be able to use this mod safely. Do not attempt to use the Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod if you are not well versed in electronics. Do not for any reason attempt to stack batteries in this mod. It will double your electricity flow, which can and will destroy your parts and may cause injury.

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