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eGo Twist Variable Voltage

Red eGo-C Twist Battery 900mah

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With Variable Voltage on your Vape Pen you can control the settings you would like to vape at. Achieve the perfect vape with the Red eGo Twist Battery from Slim Vape Pen.

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Product Description

Red Twist Battery

Red eGo-C Twist Vape Pen Battery

If you have been craving a stylish accessory that will announce your good taste to the world and make you the center of attention, you have found it! The Red Twist Battery is to your vaping collection what the girl in the red dress is to the Matrix. It is sleek, it is sophisticated, it is elegant, and it is not afraid of being noticed. The stunning appearance of the Red Twist Battery 900mah is far from the best thing about it, though. With this awesome vaping accessory, you will love the:

Variable voltage for a totally personalized vaping experience with the Red eGo Twist Battery

With most single-voltage vape pens, you are at the mercy of the vape pen’s settings. If the pen makes enough vapor or too much vapor depends entirely on the factory settings and design of the vape pen. For many vape pen batteries, you get the most voltage once it is newly charged and thinner and thinner vapor as the battery discharges. Not so with the Red Twist Battery 900mah! Whether you want big puffy clouds or thinner vapor, large nicotine hits or lower levels of nicotine, instant gratification or a longer battery life, you can have what you want with the eGo Twist battery.

Total compatibility with the Red eGo Twist Battery

The Red eGo Twist Battery 900mah uses 510 threading, which is the most common threading used in vape pens and accessories. This means that this battery fits with clearomizers and atomizers in the eGo series, as well as any other atomizers and clearomizers that have 510 threading. This is good news if you already have a collection of atomizer tanks that you love, and if not you can head over and look at our atomizer tanks to find which ones you like best!

Style and design of the Red eGo Twist Battery

Just like the other batteries in the eGo series, the Red Twist Battery is easy to hold in the hand, with a soft texturized “skin” on the outside, and with a button that is perfect for use in a handheld device: easy to push with your thumb on purpose but difficult to push on accident when you do not mean to. While the battery itself is slightly longer and heavier than the more common 660mah battery, it still fits easily into a pocket or purse, providing easy, convenient vaping whether you are on the go or at home. The metal ring that allows you to adjust the voltage is sleek and unobtrusive: in fact, it looks almost exactly like the ring on the bottom of the regular eGo batteries, except that it has small markings indicating the different voltage levels you can choose from.

Super long battery life on the Red eGo Twist Battery

The 900mah battery holds a huge amount of charge, so you can vape for a long time without having to plug it in. If you are going to be out and about, this is important because you will not have to worry about running out of battery, or choosing between being able to vape and having to find a plug. If you have ever had the experience of really needing a vape and pulling out your vape pen, only to have it give you the button-flash of doom, you know how important it is to have a battery that will hold enough charge to get you through the day. The Red eGo Twist Battery will not only get you through one day, but can go even longer depending on your vaping habits and the voltage you choose for each puff.

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