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Pink EVOD Vape Starter Kit – 1

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The EVOD is a great little vape pen, and the fact that it comes in pink just makes it even better as far as we are concerned. Show off your style and have a bit of fun with your vape pen with this fun and lighthearted vape pen color! With the Pink EVOD Vape Starter Kit 1, you can look forward to enjoying:

Starter Kit Items

  • 1 EVOD Battery 650mAh
  • 1 EVOD Clearomizer Tank (BCC)
  • 1 USB Charger
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Product Description

Pink EVOD Vape Starter Kit – 1

1 Pink EVOD Battery and 1 Pink EVOD Clearomizer will get you started the right way!

Here at Slim Vape Pen, the EVOD starter kit is one of our best selling products, and it’s not hard to understand why! This is a fantastic product that works amazingly every time. It doesn’t have a lot of confusing extra features or parts, so it is really simple to use, but don’t mistake simplicity for low quality! This is a superbly designed vape pen that works great and delivers a fantastic vape every time, from the first puff you take to the last puff before the battery light starts flashing to tell you to recharge, or the last bit you can get out before you have to refill your tank. Some vape pen brands might have their quality of vapor fluctuate as you use it, so sometimes your puffs are delicious, rich and full, and other times you might get somewhat thinner vapor depending on the battery level or e juice level of your vape pen. Not so with the EVOD! You can look forward to perfectly consistent vapor and wonderful flavor every time with this fantastic vape pen starter kit.

1 Pink EVOD Battery 650 mAh

The EVOD battery is the star of the show with its great functionality, reliable action, and great design. You will notice the little differences that it makes when the designer pays attention to detail, such as the way the button is flush with the rest of the battery and fits perfectly under the thumb, but is also easy to find with your fingers because of the distinctive way the LED light surrounding the button feels. You get maximum comfort and usability at the same time – what’s not to love? At 650 mAh, this battery is big enough to last for quite a while but small enough to be easy to hold and slip into your pocket or purse.

1 EVOD Clearomizer Tank BCC

The EVOD clearomizer tank is another example of a great design that just works better than the competition. BCC stands for bottom coil clearomizer, and it means that the atomizer coil is at the bottom of the tank instead of the top. This has two advantages: it makes the vapor taste better and it keeps you from having to worry about your wick getting dry or burnt. With the coil and wick at the bottom of the tank, the wick is always saturated with e juice even if the e juice level in the tank is low. The vapor also has plenty of time and room to let the flavors mature before it hits your tongue, which makes for a wonderful tasting vape.

1 USB Charger

When you have a rechargeable battery, the first thing you need is a way to recharge it! Plug our nifty little USB charger into your computer, your car, your TV, or anywhere else that has a USB port. Never worry about your vape pen running out of battery again!

Enjoy your vape pen right away as soon as it comes in, and don’t even worry about going out to get e juice to put in it. Nicoclean e juice is made in America so you can rest assured of the quality and purity of all the ingredients, with no need to worry about mystery chemicals or impure ingredients in your e juice. The flavors are all delicious, and we guarantee that you will be able to taste the difference as soon as you take a puff! Enjoy one of our favorite flavors on us and give this great e juice brand a try! 12mg nicotine concentration is standard; 0mg concentration is available upon request.

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2 reviews for Pink EVOD Vape Starter Kit – 1

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Arrived Quickly. Looks Cute. Went to the web site for instructions on the battery to make sure it was fully charged. Charged in less than an hour and love it. Now I just need to figure out the which Clearomizer, and or Atomizer I need for upkeep. I think I am going to love Vaping.
    Andrew M

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Arrived well packaged, and works wonderfully. I love to vape! Also, included are instructions on how to clean which will ensure delicious tasting results. Terrific product.

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12mg nicotine strength is a good all around medium strength for most people. If however, you prefer to have a different mg strength, we offer 0mg (no nicotine), 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg ejuice from nicoclean, sold separately in our shop.

Other Ejuice Strengths:

  • If you purchase a different MG Ejuice (shop ejuice), we will try to match that MG strength for your ejuice. For example, say you purchase an ego vape starter kit and also added a cotton candy 0mg. to your order. We will try to match your flavor to be 0mg. If however, you did want 0mg and a 12mg for the ejuice, just let us know in your order comments. Otherwise, if you just purchase the starter kit without any other ejuices added to the order, we will include the default 12mg ejuice.