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If you are looking to upgrade your Mechanical Mod, the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone is a must have. If you are looking to upgrade from an eGo or EVOD, this is the perfect Vape Pen Mod for you, add a Kayfun Atomizer, Batteries, Silica Wick, Kanthal Wire and call it a day!


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Product Description

Nemesis Vape Pen Mod

Nemesis Vape Mod Clone with Stainless Steel Body

The Nemesis Clone is one of the top Vape Mod Clones that exist. The Nemesis Mod features a wide variety of benefits that can only be experienced with a fresh charged battery, big roll of Silica Wick, solid roll of Kanthal Wire and possibly a Kayfun RBA. If you are looking to upgrade your Mechanical Mod, the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone is a must have. This Vape Mod is one of the industry favorites because it is so universal and works with just about any Rebuildable Atomizer or Rebuildable Dripping atomizer you can think of because it has 510 thread connection.

The Nemesis Vape Mod Clone with Stainless Steel Body: Details

Battery Casing on the Nemesis

The Nemesis Vape Mod Clone has a laser etched “Nemesis” logo along with a unique serial number for each unique mod. The body of the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone has three separate tube casings and can be interchanged to fit virtually any size battery you can think of.

The Nemesis Vape Mod Clone fits the following Vape Mod Battery sizes:

  • 18350
  • 18490
  • 18500
  • 18650

If you are using different size batteries on your vape mod, it is easy to change out different size casings to fit either an 18350 or an 18650.

NOTE: When you are changing different size batteries always make sure you are testing your OHMS and make sure you know for certain that your build requires less AMPS then you are running.

The Firing Button on the Nemesis

The Nemesis Vape Mod Clone was designed perfect, in regards to the firing pin/button design. The firing pin and button on the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone is located at the button and can be turned on by pressing the button up. When you are not using the mod, you can twist the reverse threaded locking cap down to tighten against the firing button, which will lock the firing pin and button from moving. Locking the firing pin and button all the way down will prevent the mod from randomly firing and getting hot (this is an awesome safety feature). The button can be loosened or tightened, depending on how much room you want the firing pin to have when firing (ON) and not firing (OFF).

Adjustable Air Flow

One of the best parts about the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone is the adjustable air flow near the top of the mod. The top cap outer ring can be adjusted, swiveled to the right or left or completely removed from more airflow to your battery. The Adjustable Airflow will keep your Nemesis Vape Mod Clone from over heating and will also keep your RBA or RDA from getting too hot as well. Depending on your style of vaping, as well as the overall looks you want your mod to have, you can leave this on or take it off when in use.

Vape Mod Clones in general

Vape mod clones and specifically, the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone, are all very similar compared to the authentic vape pen mods. Authentic Nemesis Vape Mods can range over $200 and we have heard many people at local vape shops say they don’t see a difference between the two. The overall point is, if you can afford it, why not buy it? If, however, you don’t want to spend over $200 on a mod and still want to vape in style, then get a Nemesis Vape Mod Clone from Slim Vape Pen.

We assure you that our mods are of the highest quality you will find. Everything Mechanical about the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone here at Slim Vape Pen is perfectly designed and well put together.

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