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Manhattan Mod

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RBA NOT INCLUDED. If you are looking for a vape mod that will give you stellar performance, fantastic electrical conductivity, and security in knowing that you are not going to have it fire when you do not want it to, the Manhattan Mechanical Vape Mod is the mod for you!


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Product Description

Manhattan Mod Clone

Manhattan Mechanical Vape Mod Clone

The biggest draw of this great little mod is that it has a solid copper body. This means that there is a lot of electrical conductivity going on. You don’t have to worry about your battery not sending the correct amount of power to the coils when the entire vape pen is a fantastic electricity conductor.

When you get the Manhattan Mechanical Vape Mod, here is what you can look forward to:

  • Three copper contact pins so you can use any atomizer
  • Magnetic and rare-earth button design
  • Copper body with carbon fiber exterior
  • True mechanical mod
  • Copper firing button
  • Holds 18650 batteries
  • 510 connection

Three copper contact pins

When you are attaching a mechanical mod to an atomizer, you have to make sure that the atomizer is actually going to work with the mod. The Manhattan Mechanical Vape Mod comes with three copper contact pins in different sizes. This means that you are going to be able to use any atomizer that will fit with its 510 threading.

Magnetic and rare-earth button design

The magnetic button in the Manhattan Mechanical Vape Mod means that you do not have to worry about accidental misfiring. The magnet helps to ensure that the switch will only go off when you mean it to. Recently the manufacturers started using rare earth minerals in the magnet to increase accuracy. This means that the Manhattan mod is one of the best mods on the market for protecting against accidental misfires and potential damage to your battery or coils.

Copper body with carbon fiber exterior

The benefits of having a copper body are obvious. Copper is an incredible conductor of electricity, and the one thing you want when you are using a vape pen mod is for the electricity to travel from the battery to the coil without any interference. Of course, you do not want to be touching the copper when it is conducting the electricity or you will get shocked. Therefore the body of the Manhattan Mechanical Vape Mod has a carbon fiber exterior to protect you against being shocked and to ensure that your vaping experience is positive.

True mechanical mod

A true mechanical mod is a mod that does not have a circuit board. Why do some mods have circuit boards? Because if the energy flow from the battery is not regulated in some way, your coil can become damaged and your entire mod may be harmed. You may even injure yourself. Mechanical mods should not be attempted by anyone who does not thoroughly know what they are doing with the mods. Also, you should use a protected battery with a mechanical mod. This means that the battery is protected against sending a surge of electricity unexpectedly, for example if you overcharge the battery.

With a true mechanical mod, you can get some power levels with your coils that you may not be able to get with a mod that has a circuit board. It takes expertise to be able to use a true mechanical mod. However, if you know how to do it, a mechanical mod can give you some of the best vapor you have ever tried!

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