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eGo T Vape Starter Kit 2

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Includes Everything & More!

The EGO T Starter Kit 2 is a great starter kit for beginners that want a little more out of their starter kit. The benefit of the EGO T Starter Kit 2 is that there are 2 entire EGO T Pens with T3s Clearomizer Tanks (way better then the typical CE4 or CE5 Tanks) in the set up.

Product Description

eGo T Starter Kit 2

The eGo T Starter Kit 2 comes with double the excitement!

The eGo T Starter Kit 2 is a great starter kit for beginners that want a little more out of their first starter kit. The benefit of the eGo T Starter Kit 2 is that there are 2 entire eGo T Pens and T3S Clearomizer Tanks in the set up. Double the eGo T Pens and you will always have a vape pen charged and ready to go. The great thing about the eGo T Vape Pen 900 mAh battery is that it will last you hours of vaping! If you run out, you have another, so you can cycle them, vaping with one, while charging the other. The eGo T Starter Kit 2 package is more for the user that plans to vape all day, everyday, on the go, or travels quite often. It is always good to have at least 2 pens (or 2 ego batteries) so you are always able to vape!

The eGo T Starter Kit comes with the following Products:

eGo T Vape Starter Kit 2

With the eGo T starter kit 2, you get all the benefits of the eGo T starter kit 1, with the additional advantage of 2 vape pens for additional flexibility with your vaping. The eGo T starter kit 2 is a great option for someone who has a little bit of experience in vaping and wants to start doing it more seriously, but isn't ready yet to begin a full collection of many vape pens or vape mods.

Why do you need multiple vape pens?

Unlike cigarettes, vape pens do require some maintenance, which means that you will have some down time during which you can't use your vape pen. Now, this is usually not a big deal for most people. The convenience and benefits of using a vape pen more than make up for occasionally needing to charge the battery or cleaning an atomizer coil. But if you really need your nicotine fix and your vape pen needs to charged or the atomizer coil is clogged, having an extra vape pen on hand and ready, can make the difference between sticking to your resolution of switching to vapor instead of those other nasty things.

What maintenance do vape pens need?

Fairly minimal maintenance, actually, and the eGo T is famous for being extremely easy and quick to take care of. You need to occasionally clean your atomizer coil with hot water or soak it in vodka in order to clear out the residue that builds up from the e juice. How frequently you need to do this depends on your vaping habits and how dark the e juice flavors are that you prefer. Typically, the darker (thicker) the e juice, the quicker your atomizer coil gets clogged. When you start tasting a change in the flavor, especially if it is a slightly burnt taste, this is a sign that you need to clean out your atomizer. Just rinse it under hot water and let it dry for 24 hours or let it soak in vodka for 1-3 hours and you should  be good to go.

Your battery also needs to be charged, and you will know this because it will stop producing clouds of vapor and the LED light will blink when you press the button. The eGo series is one of our favorites because of the battery charging mechanism: charging is as easy as plugging you phone into a charger. The only benefit of a vape pen vs. your cell phone, is that you have two vape pens, not two cell phones.

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