Lanyards & Holders

Lanyards & Holders: Take your vape pen on the go with you with the eGo Lanyard with Case! The lanyard keeps your vape pen handy and accessible at all times, and the case gives you a safe place to put it when you want it to be put away. It’s a match made in heaven! We carry a wide selection of eGo neck and pocket lanyards as well as vape pen holders for your eGo style battery. Every vape pen user knows the annoyance of carefully setting a vape pen down, upright, the way it is supposed to be, and having it promptly fall over. Vape pens are top heavy and have a very high center of gravity. So even though the bottom of the vape pen might be completely flat, it is still very easy to knock a vape pen over. All it takes is a careless leg bumping against your desk, or even someone dropping a heavy box on the floor nearby, to send your vape pen toppling down.

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