Wick & Wire

From Silica Wick and Ekowool to Kanthal Wire in every size, we have everything you need to start building your next Mechanical Vape Pen Mod set up. Choosing the right wick and wire is necessary when looking to achieve that perfect RBA or RDA set up. We have a full line of Silica Wick and Ekowool in many different sizes, so rest assured, you will find the perfect amount you need. Ekowool is the coil of choice for all the RBA and RDA expert builders out there who are looking for a nice soothing vape with massive clouds of vapor. Straight from Poland, the Ekowool Wick will have you amazed at the flavor and vapor production of your build. Ekowool doesn’t tend to fray as much as Silica Wick, however, everyone has their personal preference. Test out the Silica Wick and Ekowool Wick together and find out for yourself which one if your “go-to-vape”. Our Kanthal Wire comes in multiple different sizes, so whatever size AWG (Gauge) you prefer, we have it. 24AWG is about the typical size that many people use, however, when it comes to building out an RDA or RBA with Kanthal Wire, it is all personal preference. Take a look through our selection of Silica Wick, Ekowool Wick and Kanthal wire and let us know if you have any questions.

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