The Pegasus Mod Review

The Pegasus Mod Vape Pen Mod Review

The Pegasus Mod Clone wuth Kayfun V4 RBA

The Pegasus Mod Clone wuth Kayfun V4 RBA

The Pegasus mod clone is a powerful, stylish, beautiful mod that is guaranteed to give you a fantastic vaping experience. This mechanical mod is designed for the best possible appearance and functionality, with meticulous attention to details. With the Pegasus mod, you will get:

  • Hidden vent holes
  • Floating top pin
  • Adjustable screw to prevent battery rattle
  • Magnetic button
  • Bold, 12-pass laser engraving
  • 18650 battery size (battery not included)
  • 22mm diameter
  • .999 pure copper
  • Hidden vent holes

One of the best design aspects of the Pegasus mod from a user’s point of view is the hidden vent holes. They are cleverly designed to be right in the switch enclosure, so you can’t see them. This makes the whole design sleeker and nicer to look at. It also means that you won’t accidentally cover up the vent holes with your hands while you’re using your vape pen!

Floating top pin

The Pegasus Mod Clone

The Pegasus Mod Clone

Make sure that your atomizer of choice fits perfectly with your Pegasus mod with the floating top pin! The floating top pen ensures that you get the best possible fit with whatever kind of rebuildable atomizer or rebuildable dripping atomizer you choose.

Adjustable screw

The Pegasus vape pen mod takes an 18650 battery, which is a fairly standard size that fits well in the hand and lasts for a long time. However, vape pen batteries aren’t like regular AA batteries – different brands of batteries are slightly different sizes. While any 18650 battery will work in the Pegasus mod, some batteries have been known to rattle around, as is true with pretty much any other mod. With the adjustable screw, you don’t have to worry about battery rattle – just tighten it up against the battery and it will stay perfectly still!

Magnetic button

The magnetic button design gives you the best user experience of all the different button designs. It is hard to push down unless you mean to, but easy to use when you want to use it. This helps to protect against your Pegasus mod accidentally firing. Do be aware, however, that the magnetic button is not a locking mechanism. It is safest to use a protective case if you are going to carry it around in a bag or a purse.

12-pass laser engraving

The stylish Pegasus logo stands out boldly on the side of your Pegasus mod with the 12-pass engraving on the copper background. Quality matters when it comes to your vape pen mod, and the high quality of the engraving on the Pegasus mod tells the world that you are serious about vaping with the very best!

22mm diameter

The Pegasus Mod Clone

The Pegasus Mod Clone

The Pegasus vape pen mod from Slim Vape Pen has a diameter of 22 mm. This makes this mod perfect for attaching to any of your favorite rebuildable atomizers or RDAs. 22 mm is the most common side for vape pen mods, and this means that you won’t have any trouble finding an excellent atomizer to use on your Pegasus.

.999 pure copper

The body of the Pegasus mod is made from .999 pure copper. If you are not familiar with terminology about metals, this means that the copper is 99.9% pure, and not mixed with other cheaper metals. .999 is actually bullion-grade purity, and is the best you can buy in copper metal. What does this level of purity mean for you and your vape pen? Simply that you can look forward to a vape pen with exquisitely rich color, the characteristic warmth and weight of copper, and lasting value. Treat yourself to the best with the Pegasus vape pen mod!