Kraken RBA Clone Review

Kraken RBA Clone Review and Overview

Kraken RBA

Kraken RBA

The first thing you notice about the Kraken RBA Clone is that it is solid, sleek, and super elegant. This thing just feels like high quality. Hold it in your hand and notice the weight of it, and you’ll see what we mean. If you want an RBA that exudes class and quality, this is the one. You can customize your own vape mod starter kit with this RBA in our “Build your own Mod Starter Kit” product page.

The Kraken RBA Clone is made with a fully stainless steel body, which is part of what gives it its impressive heft. Stainless steel is a great choice for an RBA because it is noncorrosive and it doesn’t give a taste to the e juice or vapor. Copper is another popular choice, but some people actually start to notice a copper taste after a while. There is absolutely no taste that comes from the stainless steel body on the Kraken RBA Clone, no matter how long you use it. The e juice will not corrode it, and no matter how long you use it you won’t ever see the finish wear down to a base metal. It is 100% stainless steel on the body.

Choose your own coil and wick build

Kraken RBA

Kraken RBA

A lot of RBAs on the market don’t let you choose your own coil design. They only work with one or two different designs. It sort of begs the question of why people even vape in the first place, if they aren’t going to experiment with different ways of building their coils. If you’re going to have the exact same coil and wick forever, you might as well save yourself a lot of time and money and go buy a ready-made vape pen with a factory-made atomizer.

If you are going to build your own coils, you are going to love the versatility of the Kraken RBA Clone. It has two holes, which lets you choose to build it as a single coil design or a dual coil design. If you choose two coils, you can wick them separately or you can do a U-wick design on your Kraken RBA Clone atomizer. You can use different kinds of coil wire and different kinds of wick, which means that you can customize your build exactly to the materials you are using. RBAs are all about getting the atomizer YOU want. Take charge of your vaping with the Kraken RBA Clone!

Pyrex 2.5 mL tank

Kraken RBA

Kraken RBA

Plastic tanks can make your e juice take on a certain plastic taste. If you have vaped for a while, you probably recognize the taste, especially when it’s gone. On the other hand, glass tanks tend to break. The Kraken RBA Clone solves both problems with the Pyrex 2.5 mL tank. The Pyrex is strong enough to hold up even under a lot of punishment, but it won’t put a taste into your e juice.

The 2.5 mL of the Pyrex tank means that you can vape all day without having to refill. If you’re out and about, you need your vape pen to be ready to use even if you don’t have your e juice bottle with you. However, the 2.5 mL capacity also means the Kraken RBA Clone isn’t too big. It’s the right size to carry around but still big enough to keep you going all day – perfect for an RBA!

Great vaping experience!

Overall, the Kraken RBA Clone gives an absolutely fantastic vaping experience. It is easy to build on, and fun because you have enormous versatility in the kinds of builds you choose. It’s intuitive to use, easy to fill, and has great engineering to keep it from leaking or gurgling. It feels great in the hand and it delivers amazing quality vapor with a completely pure taste.

The 2.5 mL size of the tank put it in the happy medium between very small and enormous. Yeah, it won’t last all week without being refilled, but for some people that’s a good thing. If you like to vape a different flavor every day instead of being stuck with the same flavor for a week, 2.5 mL is the perfect size. It’s big enough that you don’t have to worry about running out of e juice when you’re out and about, but it’s small enough that you won’t have to waste e juice if you want to switch flavors.

The best part of the Kraken RBA Clone is the extremely versatile atomizer building base. You can do a million different builds on this thing. You can choose what kind of wick you use. You can go for a really high voltage build, a really low voltage build, or try out any new and exciting build techniques you see online. The base is super versatile and lends itself to many different build styles, giving you hours upon hours of happy building.