Kayfun V4 RBA Clone Review

Review of the Kayfun V4 Clone

The Kayfun V4 RBA Clone is a great rebuildable atomizer that is easy to use and performs spectacularly. When you first get it out of the package, it is sturdy, sleek, and beautiful. The Kayfun V4 RBA Clone has all the great performance of the previous versions, with some awesome features that are totally new. The improvement in performance is noticeable and fantastic.

Kayfun V4 RBA

Kayfun V4 RBA

Easy to fill

It is easier to fill the Kayfun V4 RBA than previous Kayfun clones such as the Kayfun 3.1 Clone. The seal at the bottom doesn’t break when you open the top of the atomizer. With many RBAs, you have to put a napkin around the atomizer when you open it from the top, because you will get e juice leaking out the bottom. The Kayfun V4 RBA doesn’t do that. You can top it off or refill it without experiencing any gurgling or leaking.

Better drip tip connection

Another great improvement of the Kayfun V4 RBA is the drip tip connection. The seal on the drip tip is excellent, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking out the top if you set it down on its side. You also can open it easily, making it simple to refill your RBA or top it off with e juice.

Control the flow of e juice

It’s great that the Kayfun V4 RBA doesn’t leak, but that is far from the most exciting thing about this awesome new RBA. The best thing is that you actually have control over exactly how much e juice gets to the wick every time you push the button. This gives you a whole new level of control over the vapor you get with each puff.

With most vape pens and RBAs, you control how much vapor you get by controlling how much electricity goes through your atomizer coil. That is kind of the whole point of building your own RBA – you can do a build that sends the exact amount of power you need for the precise amount of vapor you want.

But the Kayfun V4 RBA adds a whole new level of vapor control. You can twist the bottom of the atomizer and increase or decrease the rate of e juice flow to the coil. So whether you want hot, thin vapor or cool, thick vapor, you can customize it exactly to your preferences.

Control the airflow

Kayfun V4 RBA

Kayfun V4 RBA

Not only can you build the coil exactly the way you want it (you can do this with all RBAs and RDAs) and control the exact amount of e juice that you vape with every puff, but you can also control the airflow of the Kayfun V4 RBA Clone. This is another way to get more or less vapor, as well as making the vapor hotter and cooler. Controlling the airflow also affects how stiff the draw is on the vape pen.

No need to drain the tank to access the deck

There’s nothing that’s a bigger bummer than refilling your tank, taking two puffs, and having your coil go out or your wick start to taste burnt. With the Kayfun V4 RBA Clone, you can rebuild the coil without having to drain the tank. Just stick a pen or something else small into one of the airholes to stabilize it and you can unscrew the deck without letting any e juice out.
Using an RBA is all about customizability and being able to fiddle with it easily and conveniently. The Kayfun V4 RBA Clone gives you just that. It is fun to use, it looks great, it feels awesome in the hand, and it lets you completely control exactly how your vapor is going to feel.

The best part of the Kayfun V4 RBA Clone is the control over the vapor. You can control how much e juice hits the coil and how much air passes through, and of course you can control how much power gets to the coil by the way you build it. The ability to rebuild without having to drain the e juice is of course a huge bonus. And the fact that the Kayfun V4 RBA Clone doesn’t have the same leaking problems that other RBAs are prone to means that you can enjoy vaping without having to interrupt your enjoyment by cleaning up and worrying about leaks.


All in all we love this kayfun v4. We sure loved the original kayfuns, but this one just takes it to a whole nother level. We carry the kayfun v4 clone as a standalone unit, if you wanted to purchase the RBA by itself. Or if you wanted to get a mod casing, battery, charger, wick, ejuice, etc we also offer the v4 in our mod starter kit!