KangerTech SUBOX Review

KangerTech SUBOX Box Mod Review

KangerTech SUBOX Mini Mod Starter Kit With Free Ejuice

In the interest of science (and to help you make informed decisions about your next mod purchase) we tried out the KangerTech Subox Mini Box Mod so we could tell you exactly how it worked. Here is what it’s like vaping with the Subox. Previously, we did a post on the KangerTech Subox Instruction manual which covers the in’s and out’s of putting this amazing mod together. You will be amazed at the versatility of this new box mod.

The New Subtank Mini

SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual - Unscrew Base

The new Kanger Subox comes with a new and improved version of the Subtank Mini, which we thought was absolutely awesome. It fixed a lot of the problems that the original Subtank Mini had, and made us wish that this little tank were being offered for sale by itself too (it probably will be, before long).

The new coils are vertical, instead of horizontal. Surprisingly, the flavor is just as good – better, actually – than with the old horizontal coils. This may have something to do with the larger juice holes in the side, that let more juice in and thus improve the wicking action. The new coils are interchangeable with the old coils, too, in case you have an older Subtank, though we really don’t know why you’d want to still be using the old coils with how great the flavor and action is on the new coils.

The new Subtank Mini doesn’t have leaking problems like the old one did. We’ve used this one for a week of vaping and refilling, and have had zero leakages so far. That’s a big deal when you consider how annoying it is to have e juice leaking while you’re using your vape mod.

The heat control on the new Subtank Mini is better. It doesn’t get hot when you use it above 30 watts, so you can get warmer vapor without having the exterior of the tank getting uncomfortably hot. The air flow is looser and airier, but you can still adjust it for a tighter draw if that is what you prefer.

The RBA is much easier to build and use than the old one. Kanger made a lot of improvements to the design of the RBA deck, including huge juice holes, slide-on access secured with a little screw, and improved wicking. Just remember to use a bit more wick because of the larger amount of juice that comes through.

The Subox Tank

Adjustable Air Flow Control (Large) Adjustable Air Flow Control (Medium) Adjustable Air Flow Control (Small)

When you’re using the 0.5 ohm coil on the Subox tank, you can use the variable wattage option to control your vapor amount and temperature. Our favorite sweet spot was 35 watts, but anywhere from 30 watts to 40 watts gives a fantastic taste and huge amounts of vapor. Here are some of the things we liked best about the Subox Tank:

  • The Looks: The Subox tank looks pretty much amazing. You can choose the black and red tank or the black and white one. Both have an awesome aesthetic. As an added bonus, the black and red tank comes with a red sticker that you’re supposed to put on your battery. We were kind of confused about this at first, but there’s a cutout vent hole in the shape of the Kanger logo on the battery cover. If you don’t put the sticker on your battery, you’ll end up with a Kanger logo that’s just whatever color your battery cover happens to be. This is up to you if you don’t mind having a purple Kanger logo on your sleek black and red tank, but if you like it all to match they were thoughtful enough to include that little sticker for your viewing pleasure.
  • Magnetic battery cover: This just might be the best thing about the Subox tank. The battery cover is magnetic, so you don’t have to unscrew it or anything to replace the battery. The magnets are really strong, so you do have to put some force in it to get it to pop off. But that just means that the cover isn’t going to fall off if you bump it accidentally, so we’re definitely not complaining about that.
  • USB charging: We do like the pass through charging option on the Subox tank. Sometimes you just don’t want to go through all the trouble of taking apart your tank and charging the battery in a separate charger. We’re a fan of being able to plug it in and go.
  • Awesome screen: The screen is nice and big, so it’s easy to read even if you have bad eyesight. When you’re scrolling through the wattage settings, you can use the accelerator to get to the level you want quickly, or you can click the plus and minus buttons to adjust it by 0.1 watt increments.

The Cons:

SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual - Screw on Tank

The pin isn’t spring loaded, so you might have trouble getting some tanks to work. For the record, though, we weren’t actually able to find any tanks that didn’t work. So we can’t officially list this as a problem, but rather something you may want to be vaguely aware of.

It also doesn’t have temp control. You can get different temperatures by adjusting the wattage, but of course this adjusts the amount of vapor you get as well. Of course, not having temperature control isn’t the end of the world by any means, it’s just something that a lot of other tanks have so it’s worth pointing out that this one doesn’t.

The Conclusion

There is really hardly anything to complain about with the Kanger Subox, and tons to love about it. This is definitely one that we would buy again and again.