E Juice Vape Pen

E Juice Vape Pen

What is an E Juice / Eliquid Vape Pen and How Do They Work?

What is an E Juice Vape Pen?

An e juice vape pen is a portable vape pen that uses liquid nicotine or zero nicotine called e-juice, also known as e-liquid for your vaping needs. There are many different options for colors on vape pens, including a blue vape pen, pink vape pen and many more. The ejuice can be infused with nicotine or other natural herbal compounds to achieve a unique flavor which makes “Custom Flavored E-Juice”. There are many options for non flavored E-Juice that can be purchased which contains only PG, VG and Nicotine Flavorings. When people first start getting into E-Juice Vape Pens, they choose Tabaco flavors or menthol flavors depending on what type of analogs they were using. With all the new flavors of E-Juice for Vape Pens, many people are starting to experience the amazing flavors that E-Juice has to offer. If you are looking to experience what E Juice Vape Pens have to offer, get a vape starter kit with e juice. With many E-Juice flavors available, it is no wonder why people are venturing out into the world of Drink Flavors, Candy flavors, Chocolate Flavors, Desert Flavors and much more.

What Type of E-Juice Vape Pens are there?

If you are looking to get started with an E-Juice Vape Pen, Slim Vape Pen has a huge variety of E-Juice Vape Pens that come in many different shapes and sizes. There are simple vape pens that have one button (eGo-T Vape Pen) and others that have multiple voltage levels (eGo Twist Vape Pen) that all can be combined with different size and shapes of Atomizer Tanks or Clearomizer Tanks. The amount of E-Juice Vape Pen types, styles and designs are virtually endless, from small to tall, there is something for everyone in the “Vape” industry. The most popular types of vape pen would be the eGo Vape Pen and the EVOD Vape Pen, they have been around for awhile and are very dependable vape pens.

If you are stuck on what type of vape pen to get, look towards these styles of vape pens, they wont let you down. There are other types of E-Juice Vape Pen designs that are much bigger and bulkier than the regular eGo and EVOD style, which are called Mods. Vape Mods are basically a massive E-Juice Vape Pen which can hold more E-Juice, give you better flavor and hold a longer lasting battery life. Vape Mods are for experienced users only and are NOT RECOMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

How do E Juice Vape Pens work?

An E Juice Vape Pen is powered by rechargeable batteries that bring power to an “Atomizer” which has a “wick coil” and vaporizes the E-Juice. The rechargeable batteries have different levels of voltage or wattage that deliver different levels of power which result in different levels of vapor, flavor, consistency, throat hit and more. Different E Juice Vape Pen types can vary greatly in size and shape, from very small to much bigger and bulkier and each of these work completely different. They usually have a removable atomizer  head inside of a clearomizer or cartomizer tank that you pour the e juice or e liquid in. When this liquid is in the atomizer coils, one would simply power the device on, hold the button to heat up the ejuice, and then suck through through the end of the vape pen to inhale the vapor.

Is an E Juice Vape Pen healthier than smoking?

We can’t make any health claims, as there has not been enough studies conducted and the FDA has not approved them yet. With that said, the general consensus between a lot of people is that they appear to be healthier than smoking because you are inhaling less chemicals, and not the rest of the carcinogens can release carbon monoxide, tar and other chemicals when burned. There are several scientific studies that have showed these results, but like we said there have not been enough studies to give a conclusive answer, as it is such a new device. The best thing to do is try an E Juice Vape Pen for yourself and see how you feel compared to smoking an analog.

Who use E Juice Vape Pens?

E juice Vape Pens are used by a wide variety of vape users, but tobacco users love the e juice to deliver nicotine. There are also people who just like to use e juice that is only flavored and does not contain nicotine. There are some other types of vape pens that use only dry herbs and wax or a combination of the three, with certain attachments. It is all personal preference whether to use a dry herb vape pen, wax vape pen or E-Juice vape pens, it all depends on what you like to vape. Nicotine users typically like to use the ejuice vape pens because they are so easy, taste delicious, satisfies cravings, smells better and is easy to make the switch. Make the Switch to an E-Juice Vape Pen today!

Some different types of E-Juice Vape Pens are below:

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