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Vaping Vs Cigarettes

vaping vs cigarettes

Cost of Vaping Vs. Smoking Traditional Cigarettes There are many reasons to switch to a vaping from traditional tobacco cigarettes, including the fact that you won’t stink like cigarettes anymore and that vape pens make it easier to stop smoking. Another factor that people consider is how much money they will save. Smoking cigarettes is […]

Mini BCC Vape Pen Starter Kit

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit

Mini BCC Vape Pen Starter Kit The Mini BCC vape pen starter kit from Slim Vape Pen The Mini BCC is a smaller-size vape pen tank that holds 1.6 mL of e juice, with a bottom coil atomizer. For someone who wants a smaller size for portability and ease of use, this is a great […]

eGo Twist Variable Voltage

eGo Twist Variable Voltage

eGo Twist Variable Voltage How does the variable voltage work on the eGo Twist? When you try out the eGo Twist Starter Kit, one of the most fun and satisfying things to do is to twist the ring on the bottom and see how the variable voltage works. Set it at 3.2 volts and you […]

Replacement Atomizer Coils?


Replacement Atomizer Coil for T3s and MT3 So how often should you get replacement atomizer coils and heads? If you notice that your atomizer tank doesn’t seem to be producing that once beautiful cloud of vapor and amazing flavor, you my need to replace your atomizer coils. When to replace your atomizer coils will depend on how […]

Best Vape Starter Kit

Variable Voltage

Best Vape Starter Kit How much money should you spend on a Vape Starter Kit… $20, $30, $40 … $150? With all the confusion in the Vape Game, deciding on what starter kit to buy can be a bit confusing. With many different types of batteries and tanks, where do you start? Well, the best […]

Vape Pen Accessories

Pro Tank Clearomizer

Vape Pen Accessories Once you have been vaping for a while, you will probably start to notice different preferences and needs that you have for your vape pen. Upgrade to a Vape Pen Mod If you are looking to blow bigger clouds, experience a better taste or just want something more” out of your vape […]

Atomizer that doesn’t leak

Atomizer Tanks that Don't Leak

Atomizer that doesn’t leak Clean you Atomizer Tanks and they wont leak as much Technology has only come so far, and it really seems that there are only so many atomizer tanks that really do not leak. In the mean time, keep your clearomizers, carto’s and atomizer tanks clean and it will leak less often. […]

Switch from an E-Cig to a Vape Pen

Switch to a vape pen Starter Kit

Switch from an E-Cig to a Vape Pen Stop puffing on the E-Cig and start vaping, make the switch to a vape pen today! Vape pens have been a godsend to many people who want to switch from an E-Cig to a better solution. Making the Switch from an E-Cig to a Vape Pen? The big […]

How often should you clean your tank?

Bad or Burnt Atomizer Coil

Cleaning your Atomizer Tank You should be cleaning your Atomizer Tank after every use! If you do not clean your atomizer head on a regular basis, your coils and wicks will burn out much faster. As you can see, the picture on the right shows a burnt atomizer wick (its literally has burned all the […]