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KangerTech Subvod Vape Review

KangerTech SUBVOD Starter Kit Instructions - The SSOCC Coil Overview

KangerTech Subvod Vape Pen Review The KangerTech Subvod is basically the old EVOD, upgraded for sub-ohm vaping capability and able to provide a fantastic vape experience in a plug and go machine. Here’s our impression after trying it out for you. Recently, we did a page on the KangerTech Subvod Instruction Manual which covers just […]

Sir Lancelot Vape Pen Mod Review

Sir Lancelot Mod Clone

Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod Review Clean, Sleek and Modern = Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod The Sir Lancelot Vape Pen Mod is one of our new favorite mods here at Slim Vape Pen! The Sir Lancelot Vape Pen Mod has it all: style, versatility, easy use, and an incredible amount of power. You are going to love […]

Pegasus Mod Vape Pen Mod Review

The Pegasus Mod Clone

The Pegasus Mod Vape Pen Mod Review The Pegasus mod is a powerful, stylish, beautiful mod that is guaranteed to give you a fantastic vaping experience The Pegasus Mechanical Mod is designed for the best possible appearance and functionality, with meticulous attention to details. With the Pegasus mod, you will get the following benefits from […]

Fuhattan Mod Review

Fuhattan Mod Clone with Kayfun RBA

Fuhattan Mod Vape Pen Mod Review If you’re looking for a mod that will surpass all your expectations and give you an absolutely amazing vaping experience, the Fuhattan Mod is the one for you! Use it with your battery of choice, attach your rebuildable atomizer or rebuildable dripping atomizer, build up your coil the way […]

Cartel Vape Pen Mod Review

Cartel Mod with Kayfun V4

Review of the Cartel Mod The Cartel Vape Pen Mod is a powerful, sleek mod that has a lot of great features to enhance your vaping experience. With the Cartel mod, you can look forward to: Multiple battery tubes in different sizes Engraved design, serial number, and button cap Recessed button Telescoping pin Silver-plated contacts […]

Caravela Mod Review

Caravela Mod with Kayfun V4

Review of the Caravela Mod If you are looking for some stylish, good-looking Vape mods that will work great for a long time, the Caravela Mod is the one for you! There are a lot of features of the Caravela that you are going to love. It gives a great vaping experience, is easy to use, […]

eGo Vaporizer

eGo Hookah Pen

eGo Vaporizer Pen eGo-T Vaporizer, eGo Twist Vaporizer, Features and Benefits Here at Slim Vape Pen, we are proud to carry the eGo brand of vaporizer pens. This is one of the top brands in the industry, and it is easy to see why! eGo vape pens are: Reliable Well designed Easy to use And […]

Black T3S Clearomizer Tank


Black T3S Clearomizer Experience an amazing cloud of vapor with the Black T3S Clearomizer There are lots of different atomizer tanks and clearomizer tanks out there on the market. Different people have different preferences, and these tanks all act slightly differently. That’s why we go out of our way at Slim Vape Pen to find […]

Best E Juice Vape 2015

Vision Spinner Hookah Pen

Best E Juice Vape Pen in 2015 Variable Voltage is the new Standard for Vape Pens in 2015 The Vapen Spin 3 and the Vision Spinner 2 take the cake in 2015 for the best E Juice Vape Pen! There’s always new technology coming out for vape pens, and that means there are always new […]

Kangertech Mini Protank 3 (Clear)

Kangertech Mini pro tank 3

Kangertech Mini Protank 3 (Clear) Kangertech Mini Protank with Dual Coil Atomizer and Replaceable Heads If you have experienced the great functionality and vapor production of regular Kanger tanks but want something a little bit more sophisticated and higher quality, the Kangertech Mini Protank 3 is the tank for you! This powerful little tank combines […]